BLOG- How To: Make the 49ers Great Again

Spoiler alert: This is how you make the 49ers great again

“Opportunity, sooner or later, comes to all who work and wish.”
-Lord Stanley, huge hockey guy

John Lynch, who was recently named as the new general manager of the San Francisco 49ers of Santa Clara (California’s 8th football team, 27th professional sports team) has a great opportunity to bring the glory days back to the red and gold.

An interesting franchise. Once dominant, winning 5 super bowls in the 80s-90s. Joe Montania Montana. Jerry Rice. Slow motion catches on all time nfl moments highlights. Steve Young. T.O. for a hot minute.

The modern era consisted of Alex Smith, former #1 overall pick finally coming into his own, winning, getting concussed, being replaced by Colin Kaepernick, the addition of Jim Harbaugh, and a Super Bowl run losing to Joe Flacco (Elite?) and Jim’s brother. More recently a stadium power outage, a super bowl nobody went to that was hosted in a different city?, bad traffic, empty stadiums, major wrestling events, Jim Tomsula, Kaep kneeling, a failed Chip Kelly experiment, and losing.

But John Lynch brings fresh start. I could write a whole article about John Lynch, and I will, but for now I’d like to offer one sure fire way to bring a spark back to the squad.

During their Super Bowl run ,the 49ers special teams, most notably the kick-off team had an incredible amount of swagger. Like 90s Miami Hurricanes Two Live Crew The U Tell Uncle Luke I’m out in Miami too swagger. Okay maybe I got carried away there, but they had swagger rivaling the then up and coming Legion of Boom a few miles north. One of Future‘s first main stream songs, Tony Montana, became the anthem pre kick at then Candlestick. It. Was. Rowdy.

I mean C’MON!

At the very minimum doing it during their home game against the Seahawks would be wise. Real estate in “Danger” Russ Wilson’s head? Check.

In summary, step 1 of making the 49ers great again? Play Tony Montana pre kick off and see immediate success. Your welcome, John.