BLOG- 2017 NFL Mock Draft: #1 overall pick only Edition

Mock drafts mock drafts mock drafts.

I could go on and on about them. Thankfully this year, my Detroit Lions, made a little playoff run and I spent more time on the playoff simulator than salivating over what 21 year old kid I’d instill all of my faith in to restore my shitty football team.

For my friends in Cleveland, the same cannot be said. The Browns find themselves with the number 1 overall pick. Believe it or not it is only the 3rd time they’ve been in this spot since the return in 99. The consensus pick seems to be Myles Garrett out of Texas A&M, but Friday a story broke that Garrett wouldn’t attend the draft. And that’s when the real consensus #1 overall pick emerged. He goes by the name Takkarist McKinley out of UCLA. He’s not getting draft for his size and speed, no, he is getting draft simply because of this gem of a tweet he fired out later that night:


Done deal. Forget the combine. Forget the saber metrics. Fuck the phones. This is your newest Cleveland Brown. Cue the Drake



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