BLOG- Investigative Journalism: The Ball Brothers


Pictured: Suge Knight Lavar Ball

The Milk Man switches out of the normal delivery uniform for a little IJ here. Big time names, big time cases, the real stories they don’t want you to hear. In this edition we’re going to take a look at what is going on with the increasingly popular Ball brothers out in California.

The backstory here is worthy of an entire article but I’ll bring you up to speed as fast as I can. Lavar Ball, father, is a former NFL player who created 3 basketball players with his wife, former NCAA basketball player. The three boys seemingly born and bread for basketball success have already found it. The oldest brother, Lonzo, is playing really well at UCLA, where he will be joined by younger brothers LaMelo and Liangelo. The Czar Lavar has already proclaimed all three will be one and done‘s at UCLA and will enter the NBA.

Last week, Liangelo made a national splash for dropping 92 points in a game. The video caught a lot of heat for weak baskets and no defense. Liangelo said he scored as a tribute to a sick classmate, but immediately made a nice group of enemies.

Doing a bit of research into the Ball brothers, an immediate red flag came to my attention on the Instagram page of Liangelo.


Big Baller Brand. I wonder what that could be all about? Another post on eldest brother, Lonzo Ball, pushes the same plug, but this time a little less obvious.


Being the diligent consumer that I am, did a bit of research about this Big Baller Brand. The results were a bit shocking


A brand, selling merchandise, inspired by 3 amateur athletes. Can somebody get me Ed O’Bannon’s number? I think we should link up.

Quick reminder here that student athletes do not and cannot make money. I’m not saying that the Ball brothers pockets are gaining weight as a result of this Big Baller Brands existence, but it might be something worth taking a look at. I think the NCAA might have something to say about it as well, see the bylaws and below.


Yes I know this is a petty post and I could very well ruin the lives of bunch of youngsters who have already accomplished more athletically than I ever will, but a man’s gotta have a code. Or something like that.

The Truth will set you free-


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