BLOG- Yers beat URI, Recap

What. a. game.

Archie and the Boys trailed for most of this one, but Xeryius Williams hits two big threes down the stretch and continues to make his presence felt as a relative new comer and welcomed addition to the senior talent.

A few notes from the box score. We actually out rebounded a team for once, which is nice. Free throw percentage was solid, we also really benefitted from some Rhody misses. (They are “free” throws after all). We got absolutely jobbed by the refs in the foul department, 26-19, but whatever, that’s almost expected on the road. Josh Cunningham actually got to log 2 minutes in there as well. Forgot he wore #0, ledge.

The Yers move to 19-5 with a 10-2 conference record and remain tied with VCU for first place. We’re back on the court Tuesday at SLU to battle for the #ArchBaronCup. You can watch the game on CBS Sports Network. That is if you’re privileged enough to even receive such a channel without shelling out an arm, a leg, a draft pick to be named later, and cash considerations for an upgraded sports cable package.

Go Yers



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